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Auf der Suche nach schönen, bezahlbaren Dreadlocks, die online nicht zu finden waren, gründete Renate Meijnders im Jahr 2004, den Vorgänger von dem, was später der Dreadshop wurde. Das Motto von damals gilt auch heute noch: Die Anforderungen an unsere Dreads sind hoch, aber wir finden es genauso wichtig, dass sie für unsere Kunden bezahlbar bleiben. Zuverlässigkeit und ein hohes Maß an gutem und schnellem Service sind weitere Kernwerte von Dreadshop. Unsere Leidenschaft macht den Rest.

Was als Hobby in einem kleinen Hinterzimmer in Amsterdam begann, ist rund dreizehn Jahre später zu einem Unternehmen mit 11 Mitarbeitern herangewachsen, das schon seit Jahren europäischer Marktführer ist. Kunden auf der ganzen Welt tragen unsere Dreads und finden im umfangreichen Sortiment alles, was sie für ihren Look brauchen. Your Hair, Our Passion!

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What do you prefer? A more natural Dreadlook or a more colourful Dreadlook?
Let me know your favourite Dreadcolours! I'm curious!
-X- Renate
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-X- RenateGinger coloured Dreads! I’m totally in love with those colours!
And I notice in the last few weeks that the ginger colours are popular! 🧡
This is @em_its_em wearing Dreadset Pumpkin. Available as a full set at Dreadshop.comIn June I'll be heading to the Netherlands to work in my Dutch Salon for 4 weeks.
Thanks to @seienstyle for teaching me and Diane her great skills and thanks to @dreadalinaa for trusting me to have her looooong and awesome dreads created and the amazing photos we made together I'm already FULLY booked with clients for Real Dreads with human hair extensions. I'm so thankful for this!!
LOVE my work!
Oh, and if you wanna book an appointment with me (in Melbourne, Australia) or with Diane / Daniëlle (the Netherlands) just contact me in a DM!
I'm really blessed with my work! Getting in touch with so many amazing people from all over the world! That's just absolutely amazing!
One of them is @liza_locs 
She's a beautiful Dreadhead from the USA. Together we created her a new Accent Set which she's now wearing in between her Real Dreads for some extra volume and decoration.
Swipe to see some more photos and be sure to check the set out which is available at
-X- RenateHave you already seen what my new next journey will be?
Checkout my story to find out!
Or head to to see the full video!
And don't forget to let me know your ideas!
This photo is a #repost from @miss_mightyy_mouse wearing the amazing Dreadset Ginger Secret!
-X- RenateBe yourself! 
Look how you want to look! 
Be you! 
Express yourself!
@anikemareen is a great example of this! She came to me to have her dreads done and I soooo love her attitude! She's completely choosing to be herself and expressing herself!
Swipe to see her before and after photos!
Wanna have such an amazing transformation too? Checkout the options at or send me a DM
-X- RenateA short tutorial on how to install your Hairwrap in your Dreadlocks!
Also, some people asked me where they could find the Hairwraps on the website...
They were a bit hidden I guess...
So I uploaded a direct link on the homepage!
Be sure to check them out, all unique, handmade designs in limited editions!
First ones are already sold, thanks so much for that!!!
-X- RenateThis is Anike (@anikemareen ), a German girl, traveling Australia.
She wanted to have dreadlocks for years and now was time for her to take the step!
As the ends of her hair were quite thin, I extended her dreads with Human Hair extensions.
Swipe to see her from the back and side too!
We had some great days together and finished of with a photoshoot, so more of her will follow 😃.
-X- Renate- NEW -
We've got a great collab with @hairwrapsbynimi and they created some awesome style hairwraps for us!
Different designs available, check our story to see them all!
Available to pre-order at